What Can You Do With an Advertising Degree

Universities and colleges all across the U.S. are offering an Advertising major at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral level. If you want to enhance your creativity and thinking skills, then pursuing this major would be a great idea. Here’s an informative article that will explain to you what can you do with an Advertising degree. Read it to explore your career options and salary prospects.

What Is Advertising?

A paid form of communication that is used to draw attention to services, goods, or ideas is called Advertising. The goal of advertising is to inform, persuade, and remind the audience.

What Can You Do with an Advertising Degree?

After obtaining an Advertising degree, you can work as an Advertising Manager, Copywriter, Media Buyer, Advertising Sales Agent, Media Planner, Account Manager, Digital Marketer, Content Manager, Advertising Art Director, or a Public Relations Specialist.

The wage estimates for some of these positions have been mentioned below. These estimates have been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

These professionals formulate programs to create interest in services or products. Most of these managers work at regional managing offices or advertising agencies.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $125,510 ((Advertising and Promotions Managers)
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 8% (Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers)
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $141,890 (Advertising and Promotions Managers)
State with the Highest Employment of Advertising and Promotions Managers, 2019 New York 7,840
State with the Highest Salary Level of Advertising and Promotions Managers, 2019 New York $184,920

Advertising Sales Agents

These professionals sell advertising space to individuals and businesses. They are employed in many industries such as Internet publishing, television, radio, and the advertising industry.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $53,310
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 -2%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $64,660
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 New York 21,030
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 New Jersey $89,090

Public Relations Specialists

Individuals working in this role are responsible for maintaining and creating a positive public image for the company/individual they are representing.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $61,150
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 6%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $70,190
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 California 26,700
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 District of Columbia $109,390

What to Expect from an Advertising Degree?

While an Associate degree in Advertising is rare, students can still study Advertising courses if they choose to enroll in an Associate of Science (AS) in Marketing. The Associate’s degree usually requires completion of around 60 credits.

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Advertising and Marketing Communications program allows students to specialize in different fields such as Creative Advertising and Digital Marketing and Analytics. The degree’s coursework introduces students to a range of topics such as Media Strategy, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Brand Marketing, Creative Concepts and Strategy, and Integrated Marketing Communications. In order to graduate from this program, students need to complete approximately 120 credits.

At the Master’s level, students can decide to pursue many programs, such as a Master of Science (M.S) in Advertising, a Master of Arts (M.A) in Advertising and Public Relations, and a Master of Science (M.S) in Strategic Advertising and Marketing. Students are usually required to complete around 30 credits to graduate from this program. Some of the courses that they get to study are, Advertising Research and Strategy, Foundations of Advertising, Advertising Theory, Visual Communication and Branding, Persuasion and the Marketplace, and Consumer and Buyer Behavior.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Advertising takes around four years to complete. This program is ideal for those candidates who want to prepare for research and teaching positions, or for those individuals who want to establish research careers in business or industry.

How to Choose an Advertising Degree?

You should take into consideration a variety of factors when choosing an advertising degree. You should consider the admission requirements, financial aid packages, tuition costs, career placement rates, program/school reputation, and the accreditation status of the school.

Advertising Degree Admission Requirements

In order to gain admission into an Advertising program, students need to submit several documents to the admission office. These include transcripts, letters of reference, statement of purpose, a resume, and an admission application form. Some doctoral programs also require students to submit their GRE test scores. Since the admission criteria for different programs vary, therefore it is a good idea to visit the program’s website for more information.