How to Become an FBI Agent in Delaware

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Working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the dream job for every young kid when growing up. In a world where so much heinous crime seems commonplace, it is understandable that there’s growing interest in detective careers the most prominent being working as an FBI agent. If you live in Delaware, this is the perfect place to launch your career as an FBI agent because as the second smallest state, there are more openings for these jobs.
Like with any other government job, the requirements and qualifications to become an FBI agent are tough to meet. However, if this is your dream career, this should not stop you from making your move. After all, it is a tough world out there fighting crime, and it is understandable that the bureau wants only the best. To make the cut, you need all the information you can get about becoming an FBI agent in Delaware.
This article explores the steps involved in becoming an FBI agent in Delaware, requirements, and qualifications to help you get started. Keep reading.

Steps to Become a FBI Agent in Delaware

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree

One of the major requirements to become an FBI agent in Delaware is a bachelor’s degree. The FBI requires specialists in multiple fields, and they will accept candidates with a degree in Computer science and information, Accounting, Language, Law and diversified courses (Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts.).

Apply your Degree to Gain Work Experience

Before applying for FBI training in Delaware, you need to gain experience in your area of specialization. A degree is good on paper but the bureau wants to assess your skills on the field. You have to put in your best wherever you work because this will determine the success of your application.
The FBI requires three years’ experience in a field related to your degree. During this work period, make sure you earn specific critical skills to get an edge over the other applicants.

The FBI Application Process

This is the most important step in your bid to become an FBI agent in Delaware. Now that you want to join one of the most sensitive government sections, you will have to undergo an extensive background check.
Some of the steps involved here are a polygraph, and a drug test, financial background checks among others. Problems such as a felony conviction or loan default will disqualify you instantly and it is important to remember this when enjoying life in college. Avoid making poor decisions in life that could ruin your chances to join the FBI training program.
A credit check is also part of the background check while interviews with family, friends, teachers and any other person you have come into contact with will also form part of the application process. You will also undergo a physical exam by a certified doctor and submit the results to the Bureau. The agency also carries its own physical fitness self-assessment test which includes sprints, sit-ups and push-ups and a 1.5-mile run.

FBI Academy Training

Once your application goes through, you will receive an invitation for the 20-week FBI Academy Training. This takes place at the FBI Academy and includes classroom time and hands-on instruction, firearm training, online instruction among other activities. Once you complete this program, you get sworn in as an FBI special agent and then start a 2-year probationary period at a field office. You will get a special agent mentor to guide you as you learn the ropes.

Requirements to Become an FBI Agent in Delaware

If you have set your mind to become an FBI agent in Delaware, there are some requirements you should meet. Take a look:

  • Citizenship: The FBI training program is only open to US citizens.
  • Certification: You don’t need any prior certification by the FBI or the government to join the training program
  • Age limit: Applicants must be over 23 and under the age of 37.
  • Licensure: You don’t need any licenses to become an FBI agent in Delaware
  • Degree: You need a minimum bachelor’s degree
  • Work experience: Before submitting your application for training as an FBI agent, you need three years of professional work experience. Those who have a CPA or have earned a Juris Doctorate (JD) don’t need a degree.
  • Flexibility: You should be ready to work anywhere as the FBI has multiple field offices across the country.
  • Clean background: You must have a clean background devoid of felony convictions, drug use problems, and such other vices.
  • Physical fitness: You should keep your body fit to increase the chances of passing the rigorous fitness test.

Duration to Become a FBI Agent In Delaware

Once your application goes through, you will undergo a 20 weeks training program at the FBI academy. The on-campus training includes intensive hands-on instruction on every aspect of the job. Upon completion, you will be sworn in as an FBI special agent before commencing a 2-year probationary period under the mentorship of an experienced special agent.

Salary of a FBI Agent In Delaware

Salaries for FBI agents fall under the General Schedule (GS) scale for law enforcement officers. As an entry FBI agent, your salary will fall under the GS-10 rising to a GS-13. This makes the salary for an FBI agent in Delaware in the range of$60,966 to $120,102.
If you want to make your dream come true and work as an FBI agent in Delaware, you now have all the information you need to start preparing. You need good grades and if you are taking your masters’ degree, working with a thesis writer will ensure you get the best grade for your project. It is a smart move to increase your chances of becoming an FBI agent.