Visual Communication Degrees

Many institutions in the US offer Visual Communication degrees. These degrees are mostly popular at bachelor’s and master’s levels. With an accredited degree in Visual Communication, you can work in several fields such as advertising, graphic designing, web design, communication, and so on.

A bachelor’s degree in this subject provides foundational knowledge to students and prepares them for both, an entry level career in their field of choice, and for higher education. A master’s degree in Visual Communication provides specialized knowledge in a selected area and allows students to have an advanced career.

What Is Visual Communication?

Visual communication can simply be defined as communication via the usage of imagery and symbols etc. It is a way of transmitting information or ideas using pictures. Most people typically communicate through visuals which include pictures, graphic designs, films, symbols, signs, and so on.

What Do You Do with a Visual Communication Degree?

According to the data made available by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), majority positions in Visual Communications require at least a bachelor’s degree. The data for the following careers in this field has been reported by BLS in 2018-19.

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers – Advertising and Promotions Managers

This career requires at least a bachelor’s degree to enter the field. However, further advancement requires a master’s degree. Advertising and Promotions Managers are required to plan and oversee the implementation of advertising policies. They create promotional materials like contests, posters, giveaway, coupons, and so on.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $135,900
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 8%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $141,890
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 New York 7,840
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 New York $184,920

Web Developers- Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers

Web developers are people who create and design websites for businesses or individuals. They design the interface or look of a website. It is also their responsibility to complete technical aspects of a website like its performance, speed, and the amount of traffic it can handle.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $73,760
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 13%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $82,370
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 California 20,920
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 Washington $134,310


Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers create graphics for a particular commercial or design graphics to meet the promotional needs of a product/service like displays, packaging, or logos, etc. Graphic Designers may also use a diverse range of channels to create the artistic effects they require.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $52,110
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 3%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $56,510
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 California 29,060
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 District of Columbia $79,450

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

What to Expect from a Visual Communication Degree?

Since there are various levels of degrees available in this field, the curriculum varies for each level, and every different institution as well. For instance, the Bachelors of Fine Arts in Communication Design offered by the College of Visual Arts & Design at the University of North Texas includes the following courses in its curriculum.

  • The principles of design
  • Image making
  • Color theory
  • Typography and so on.

How to Select a Visual Communication Degree?

While choosing a degree, there are various aspects to consider. You should do your homework about the reputation of your desired institution before applying for a degree in Visual Communication. Other things you should look at are,

  • Diversity of courses in the curriculum of a selected degree
  • Type of degree (online/on-campus/mixed)
  • Whether the degree is accredited or not
  • Requirements for admission and graduation
  • Career prospects after graduating etc.

Visual Communication Degree Admission Requirements

Just like the curriculum, the admission and application process varies for every institution. For instance, if you want to apply for the Master of Visual Communication Design, MVCD offered by the College of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona you must,

  • Submit a complete online application
  • Pay an application fee
  • Provide all your previous official transcripts
  • Submit your
    • Portfolio
    • Letter of intent
    • Resume
    • Contact information for 3 references
    • IELTS/TOEFL results (for international candidates)

    For further details, please visit the official website of your desired institution.