Software Engineering Degree

A software engineering degree can lead to various lucrative career options in different fields. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Software Developers made an annual median income of $105,590 in 2018. Job prospects for this field are expected to increase by a massive 21% between 2018 and 2028, which is much faster than the average increase expected for all other occupations.

If you want to join this high growth field, you ought to find out more about software engineering degrees. The following guide lists down everything you need to know about this degree and the careers associated with it.

What Is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is a branch of engineering associated with the creation of software products using scientific principles and methods. The main outcome of software engineering is the development of reliable and efficient software for use in a variety of applications.

Software engineers or developers are the creative minds behind countless computer programs. Some develop applications like the ones you use on computers or smartphones. Other work on the underlying systems that control networks and run devices.

What Can You Do with a Software Engineering Degree?

Software engineering degrees can lead to careers in computer systems design and related services, finance and insurance, software publishing, manufacturing, and management of companies. Applications software developers held around 944,200 jobs in the US in 2018, while systems software developers held nearly 421,300 jobs in 2018.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular career choices with a software engineering degree.

Software Developers

Applications software developers are in charge of designing computer applications, such as games and word processors. They may also create customized software for sale to the general public or a particular software house. Systems software developers create the basic systems that keep computers functioning properly.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $107,510
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 21%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $111,620
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 California 249,620
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 California $134,370

Computer and Information Systems Managers

These managers help plan and coordinate all computer-related activities in an organization. They also help determine the information technology goals of an organization and are responsible for helping them meet these goals.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $146,360
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 11%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $156,390
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 California 75,700
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 New York $190,390

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Systems Analysts study the computer systems in an organization and devise solutions to create a more efficient and effective computer network. They bring the subjects of business and information technology to design optimal solutions.

Annual Median Salary, 2019 $90,920
Job Outlook, 2018-2028 9%
Annual Mean Salary, 2019 $96,160
State with the Highest Employment Level, 2019 California 64,260
State with the Highest Salary, 2019 California $110,820

What to Expect from a Software Engineering Degree?

The expectations from a software engineering degree would depend largely on the degree level you are enrolled in. For instance, typical coursework for a bachelor of science in software development would include distributed systems development, software evolution, agile methods, and software quality, etc. As the degree level gets more advanced, the course structure would vary accordingly.

How to Choose a Software Engineering Degree?

When choosing a software engineering degree, keep the following in mind:

  • The program chosen should be accredited by a professional body
  • Check whether any online study options are available
  • Check the campus proximity and facilities
  • Consider the job placement rate of the university
  • Consider the cost structure and admission requirements
  • Software Engineering Degree Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for software engineering degrees vary according to college and degree level. A bachelor’s degree would typically require the completion of a high school diploma, letters of recommendation and prerequisite coursework, etc. A master’s degree would most likely require professional experience as well as GRE scores. You are advised to check individual university websites for further details.