Top 20 Colleges with Highest Enrollment

Are you planning to enroll in college soon? But still aren’t sure where to enroll? With so many colleges out there, it can be a difficult task finding the right place to study that is worth the time and money. You will have to keep in mind your academic goals, previous academic performance, your budget, and your personal preferences. Some students prefer studying at small campuses that offer a personalized educational experience while others look for a “larger than life” place.

When searching for a college, be sure to check out the institution’s ranking and number of enrollments. Colleges with higher enrollments reflect their popularity and demand among students.

The following are the top 20 colleges in terms of highest student enrollment.

Top 20 Colleges in Terms of Highest Student Enrollment
Institution State Rank1 Total enrollment
University of Phoenix, Online Campus Arizona 1 256,402
Ivy Tech Community College Indiana 2 100,272
Ashford University Iowa 3 77,734
Liberty University Virginia 4 74,372
Arizona State University Arizona 5 73,378
Miami Dade College Florida 6 66,701
Lone Star College System Texas 7 60,428
University of Central Florida Florida 8 59,601
Houston Community College Texas 9 58,476
American Public University System West Virginia 10 58,115
Ohio State University, Main Campus Ohio 11 56,387
University of Texas at Austin Texas 12 52,186
Northern Virginia Community College Virginia 13 51,864
Univeristy of Minnesota, Twin Cities Minnesota 14 51,853
Texas A & M University, College Station Texas 15 50,627
Tarrant County College District Texas 16 50,439
Walden University Minnesota 17 50,209
University of Florida Florida 18 49,913
Kaplan University, Davenport Campus Iowa 19 48,865
Michigan State University Michigan 20 48,783


Top 20 colleges with highest enrollments

  1. University of Phoenix – Online Campus

  • Student enrollments: 256,402

At number one, we have the University of Phoenix, online campus. This university has become a popular place for distance education. There are over 200,000 students and adult learners currently enrolled in its online programs. Students can choose from a wide range of programs in nursing, health services administration, education, psychology, technology, and more. Flexible coursework, costs, quality education, and career-oriented programs make this university a great place to pursue higher education.

  1. Ivy Tech Community College

  • Student enrollments: 100,272

Indiana is home to one of the largest public postsecondary institutions, The Ivy Tech Community College. This college has a number of campuses throughout the state that are helping students prepare for careers ahead. The college offers degree programs in different areas such as business, public services, healthcare and technology. Many students are enrolling at Ivy Tech due to the quality services it provides, state of the art facilities and a career-oriented learning experience. Ivy Tech is also one of the most affordable colleges in the state of Indiana where students could earn a degree for approximately $3,995 a year.

  1. Ashford University

  • Student enrollments: 77,734

The Clinton, Iowa, campus of Ashford University has become a well-known educational institution in recent years. Ashford University provides students with diverse learning opportunities and cultivates a student-centered learning environment. Alongside its traditional on-campus programs, Ashford also offers online degree programs in many areas. Criminal justice, education, science, information technology, liberal arts, business and military studies are just a few of the academic disciplines one can major in at Ashford. The flexible nature of the online programs has attracted many students who wish to study from their home due to work commitments. Ashford University aims to educate the youth and make college affordable and convenient.

  1. Liberty University

  • Student enrollments: 74,372

With over 16 colleges and schools, Liberty University is among the largest Christian institutions in the United States. Situated in Virginia, Liberty University is also known for its athletics and sports teams. If you are looking for a well-rounded educational experience, which includes many extra-curricular activities, Liberty University can be a great place to consider. The university offers exceptional and unparalleled services. Students can choose from a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in areas such as liberal arts and science.

  1. Arizona State University

  • Student enrollments: 73,378

Arizona State University ranks as the #1 “Most innovative schools” in the U.S. News & World Report. The university is a popular research institution which is helping thousands of students prepare for exciting and challenging careers ahead. ASU is dedicated to helping students grow academically, personally and socially. The institute offers degree programs in business and sciences. Unlike other traditional colleges, ASU focuses on learning through innovative mediums. Students will be encouraged to take part in new ways of learning and preparing for global challenges. To make education affordable for many, ASU awards financial aid and scholarships to those who qualify.

  1. Miami Dade College

  • Student enrollments: 66,701

Developed on the idea that anyone interested in pursuing college should be given the opportunity, Miami Dade College now ranks among the most popular institutions in the state. This college has numerous campuses and is currently educating more than 60,000 students to achieve their academic goals. MDC offers a range of degree pathways in multiple fields. Students can choose from associate, bachelor and certificate programs. MDC has a diverse student population and focuses on creating a healthy learning environment.

  1. Lone Star College System

  • Student enrollments: 60,428

Lone Star College System is a nationally recognized institution. Not only does it cater to the academic needs of thousands of students, but is also a contributor to the local and regional economy. Lone Star offers degrees, certificates and continuing education programs. Students can choose from different fields of study such as science, teaching, architecture, visual technology, communication, etc. Lone Star College aims to prepare students for the workforce by polishing their skills as well as knowledge base. Some of the best teachers from across the nation have joined hands with this institution to provide teaching services.

  1. University of Central Florida

  • Student enrollments: 59,601

Also known as Central Florida or UCF, the University of Central Florida is a public research university situated in Orlando, FL. Thousands of students have chosen UCF to pursue degree programs. The university has awarded over 200,000 degrees since its establishment in 1963. Prospective students can choose from degrees in areas such as arts, humanities, business, medicine, nursing, education, engineering, computer science, and many more. UCF has achieved recognition for its services and using innovative techniques to provide education. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked UCF among the best “up and coming” national universities for 2015.

  1. Houston Community College

  • Student enrollments: 58,476

Houston Community College is a public higher education institution which aims to provide affordable high-quality education. The College was set up in 1971 and has since been catering to the academic needs of thousands of students. Students can choose from different graduate and undergraduate, adult learning and continuing education programs. To make learning an easier and affordable pursuit, HCC offers online programs in different fields. Students can choose from a wide array of majors and minors ranging from fashion to geography and from business to science. If you are looking for a college that is affordable and doesn’t compromise on the quality of education, consider enrolling in HCC.

  1. American Public University System

  • Student enrollments: 58,115

Thousands of students graduate from the American Public University System each year. The university has a notable faculty that delivers quality-oriented educational services to a diverse student population. APUS is helping students explore their potential, build a strong academic base, and earn degrees for their dream careers ahead. Affordability is among the many factors that make this a top choice for many prospective students. APUS comprises of different schools that offer specialized programs in the fields of arts, technology, security, global studies, business, and health sciences.

  1. Ohio State University, Main Campus

  • Student enrollments: 56,387

The Ohio State University is one of the oldest educational institutions in the state. The university was initially set up to provide education in agricultural and mechanical disciplines. Over the years, OSU has added more fields to its range of program offerings. Business, science, technology, healthcare, and arts are just a few of the disciplines prospective students can pursue here. Alongside excellent academic services, students can look forward to a vibrant and healthy campus life. The Ohio State University hosts a number of events, promotes various sports, and helps students build a productive and socially interactive environment. Thousands of students graduate from OSU each year, prepared for challenging careers ahead.

  1. University of Texas at Austin

  • Student enrollments: 52,186

The University of Texas at Austin has been ranked among some of the finest universities in the nation. Over 50,000 students are currently enrolled here. The university provides students with a high-quality academic experience using cutting-edge learning techniques, innovative learning mediums and a renowned faculty of over 3000. Some popular academic disciplines here include natural sciences, law, geosciences, medicine, social work and engineering.

  1. Northern Virginia Community College

  • Student enrollments: 51,864

Northern Virginia Community College is committed to educating the local youth and adults alike and giving them access to a quality educational experience. The college provides on-campus programs as well as online degree programs in various academic disciplines. Enrollment in Northern Virginia Community College’s distance learning classes increased by 40% from 2010 to 2014. These statistics reflect the growing demand and popularity of online education here. Students can pursue associate and certificate programs in different areas such as arts, sciences, business, etc.

  1. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  • Student enrollments: 51,853

The University of Minnesota aims to change lives and bring better educational opportunities to students from all over. The university is known for its state of the art facilities and educational services. Thousands of students are currently pursuing graduate and undergraduate programs here in various fields of sciences, management, health and medicine, research, arts, etc. Quality education, innovation and inspiration are a few words that accurately reflect this renowned university’s mission.

  1. Texas A&M University, College Station

  • Student enrollments: 50,627

Texas A&M University has been providing high quality educational services since 1876. Today, it has become a top choice for higher education for thousands of students. The institute is dedicated to helping students achieve their career goals and become well-prepared for the challenges posed by the competitive world. Texas A&M University comprises of different departments that offer specialized degrees in various fields. Students can pursue education in the fields of agriculture, animal science, architecture, business, human development, dentistry, education, engineering, geosciences, law, public service, liberal arts and medicine.

  1. Tarrant County College District

  • Student enrollments: 50,439

Established in 1965, the Tarrant County College District has become a popular place for higher education. This college has exceeded the expectations of the people of Tarrant County by providing them with high-quality educational services. Students can opt for an associate level degree, certificate program, or a 4 year bachelor degree here. Arts and teaching are two of the most popular areas of study at Tarrant County College District. The college is helping thousands of students prepare for the challenges of the professional world ahead. Students can take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as sports and look forward to an exciting educational experience at Tarrant County College District.

  1. Walden University

  • Student enrollments: 50,209

Walden University is a private educational institution, which offers degrees in a number of fields thereby serving the higher education needs of thousands of adult learners. Students can choose from bachelor, masters and even doctoral programs in diverse academic disciplines. Those looking for certificate programs could find Walden University to be a great place to study due to flexible schedules and affordability. Some of the popular areas of study include business, management, behavioral sciences and leadership.

  1. University of Florida

  • Student enrollments: 49,913

This is a public research university located in Gainesville, Florida. The university, which is commonly known as UF was set up in 1853 and is one of the oldest research institutions in the state. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked UF as the 14th best public university in the nation. Biological engineering, audiology, criminology, pharmacy, and healthcare management are just a few of the academic disciplines one can pursue at UF.

  1. Kaplan University, Davenport Campus

  • Student enrollments: 48,865

Thousands of students in the Davenport area are pursuing their educational goals at the Davenport campus of Kaplan University. This renowned university offers a challenging and growth-oriented learning environment where students can gain theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience. Kaplan University believes in helping students build skills along with theoretical knowledge that would enable them to pursue competitive careers ahead. Students can pursue associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees here.

  1. Michigan State University

  • Student enrollments: 48,783

Michigan State University is a public research university which was set up in 1855. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked MSU among the nation’s top 10 universities to pursue graduate programs in nuclear physics, medicine, osteopathic medicine, organizational psychology, and veterinary medicine. Michigan State University offers quality educational services to prepare students for exciting careers ahead.

This comprehensive list can help you get a better idea of what colleges to apply for and why. Doing your research well and learning more about prospective colleges will help you make an informed choice. A degree from a well-reputed institution can improve your chances of employability as well as your career opportunities.