Best Online Computer Security Degrees

Almost every sector of the country’s economy, be it national security, education, health, or manufacturing, has a high demand for cybersecurity professionals. If you are interested in joining this rewarding field, then read this guide about the Best Online Computer Security Degrees 2020.

Best Online Computer Security Degrees 2020

If you are a computer geek, then pursuing an online Computer Security Degree would be a great idea. Here is a list of some of the best online Computer Security Degrees being offered in the U.S. Please note that these are not ranked.

University of Charleston

The University of Charleston offers an online Master of Science (MS) in Cybersecurity. This degree prepares students for a career in Policy Development, Security Planning, Security Program Management, Cyber Operations Planning, and Information Systems Operations. Students enrolled in this program will get a chance to learn methods of confidentiality and integrity. The program’s curriculum includes a wide range of topics such as Cyber Operations Management, Strategic Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Psychology, Legal Issues in Cyber Security, Strategic Investments in Information Security, and Cyber Security Policy Implementation.

Hallmark University

The Hallmark University is located in San Antonio, Texas, and is accredited through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). The university offers an online Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Information Systems Cybersecurity, which can be completed within 28 months. This program helps students develop the skills to support, administer, and design Information Technology for a company.

George Mason University

The university offers a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree with a concentration in Cybersecurity. This degree is 100% online. It prepares individuals to kick-start careers as Information Security Analysts, Cybersecurity Analysts and Technicians, and Computer Systems Analysts.

To graduate from this program, students are required to complete around 120 to 126 credits. As part of this program, students get to explore a range of topics such as Introduction to Computing, Security Accreditation of Information Systems,  IT Architecture Fundamentals, IT in the Global Economy, IT Project Management, and Computer Crime, Forensics, and Auditing.

University of Illinois, Springfield

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois, Springfield, offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Systems Security. This degree is offered in both online and on-campus formats. The curriculum of the program prepares students for security-centric careers in customer support, system analysis, and computer and network administration.

This degree helps students learn about the fundamentals of information security, including computer security ethics, security assessment, and implementation and design of secure systems. Some of the modules taught to the program participants include Introduction to Networking, Systems Programming Languages, Foundations of Network Security and Information Assurance, and Introduction to Cryptography. Students have to complete around 120 semester hours in order to get this degree.

Champlain College

This college is a nationally recognized leader in digital forensics and cybersecurity education. It offers an online Bachelor’s program in Cybersecurity. In order to graduate from this degree, students have to complete 120 credit hours. After completing this degree, individuals can evaluate the information security and computer network needs of a company and can update, maintain and troubleshoot information security systems. The coursework of the program includes a range of modules such as Networking Fundamentals, Cloud Computing Security, Wireless Networking, and Operating System Security.

University of South Florida

The University of South Florida offers a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity (BSCyS) that focuses on the study of processes, systems, information, and technology. During the degree, students have to complete the necessary coursework, an industry internship, and an IT Senior Project. The curriculum of the program incorporates a range of topics such as Foundations of Cybersecurity, Advanced Program Design for IT, IT Systems Security, Human Aspects of Cybersecurity, Computer Information Networks for IT, Information Policy and Ethics, and Data Structures and Algorithms for IT. Many of these modules are offered online.

Indian River State College

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Information Technology Management and Cyber Security offered at the Indian River State College can be completed online. This program introduces students to a range of modules such as Systems Analysis and Design, Database Design and Administration, Management Information Systems, Computer Forensics, Cyber Security Essentials, Web Application Development, and Security Penetration Testing.