50 Popular US Universities and Colleges for International Students

The presence of international students on American universities makes these institutes of higher learning the center of well-rounded education. International students make campuses ethnically, racially, nationally and most importantly, intellectually diverse.  International students share their food, music, traditions and ideas with the community around them and allow for a greater and enriched learning experience for everyone. And the learning works both ways.

International students also take back with them greater appreciation of the American way of life, values, culture, ideas and knowledge. While most universities in the US strive to provide a friendly learning environment for international students, there are some colleges and universities that are more popular among international students than the others. Following is a list of 50 such colleges and universities.

University of Illinois – Chicago

Number of International Students: 3,371

The University of Illinois, Chicago traces its roots back to the founding of UIC’s College of Pharmacy in 1858. After this, the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1882 and the Columbian College of Dentistry in 1891 were added to the existing campus. But it wasn’t until 1913 that these colleges were incorporated into the University of Illinois. Now, there are a total of 15 colleges that form a part of the university, with over 27K students enrolled as of Fall 2013.

The New School

Number of International Students: 3,398

Founded in 1919 by Charles A. Beard, the New School, New York, offers 135 programs to its students in humanities, liberal arts, social sciences, finance, drama, music, fine arts, design, public policy, and architecture. The New School was founded with a vision of formulating a new kind of academic institution where the faculty and students would be free to talk about serious societal issues in an open and independent manner. The curriculum taught here is said to be very experimental, with courses such as “Games 101” and “Punk & Noise”.

Santa Monica College

Number of International Students: 3,471

Founded in 1929 as Santa Monica Junior College, this institution is a two-year, community college located in California. It has a student enrollment of approximately 30,000 and offers more than 90 fields of study. The college offers a large variety of occupational certificate programs including fashion design, office information systems, accounting, logistics and supply chain management programs. Notable alumni of the college include the likes of Sean Penn, James Dean, Ryan Seacrest, Rickie Lee Jones, Dustin Hoffman, David Geffen and Hillary Swank.

University of Iowa

Number of International Students: 3,571

The University of Iowa is the oldest university in the state of Iowa and has a number of firsts to its name. It was the first public university in the US in 1885 to give admissions to both male and female students. It was also the first university in the world to accept creative work in theatre, music, art and writing on an equal basis with other academic subjects. University of Iowa was also the first institution to grant a law degree to a woman and to an African American. As far as the academics go, the University has 11 colleges that cover over 100 areas of study and awards 7 professional degrees. All of this translates into more than 5000 courses every year covering nearly 200 major, minor and certificate programs.

University of Texas – Arlington (UTA)

Number of International Students: 3,586

The University of Texas Arlington is a technology powerhouse with strong commitment to research, innovation and development. The university is home to over 51,000 students. UTA has ten schools that award 180 degrees across various degree levels such as bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional. International students, from more than 120 countries, made up nearly 9% of the total student body as of Fall 2013 enrollments.

George Washington University

Number of International Students: 3,635

Founded in 1821, the George Washington University is the largest institute of higher education in the District of Columbia. GWU attracts students from all 50 states, including the District of Columbia and 130 countries. It has 10 graduate and undergraduate colleges and schools and nearly 100 research centers and institutes. The university has over 450 student organizations and a large number of notable alumni, including the senator J. William Fulbright (creator of Fulbright Scholarships), Jacqueline Kennedy and former US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

University of Delaware

Number of International Students: 3,696

Starting as a small, private academy in 1743, the University of Delaware got chartered in 1883. It is a  Public Ivy with seven colleges and 3 schools that offer numerous programs; 3 associate degrees, 147 bachelors, 119 masters, 54 doctoral programs and 15 dual graduate programs. On top of this,  the university has over 70 research centers. There are around 300 student run organizations on campus and the faculty includes a Nobel laureate along with other highly distinguished members.

Syracuse University

Number of International Students: 3,762

Founded in 1870, Syracuse University had a total student enrollment of 21,492 in Fall 2014. This includes full-time students, part-time students, online and on-campus students. Syracuse welcomes students from all over the US, and 123 countries. It offers bachelors, masters, and doctorates/professional degrees. The university also owns an art collection that includes 45,000 objects that also contain works from Rembrandt, Picasso and others.

University of California, San Diego

Number of International Students: 3,795

The University of California, San Diego is a Public Ivy that offers 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees. It has 10 schools and colleges, including two medical schools, five graduate schools, six undergrad colleges, and four research institutes. As of April 2013, the faculty, alumni and researchers had won multiple awards, include 20 Nobel Prizes. Notable alumni include Gregory Benford, Kim Stanley Robinson and David Brin, all of whom have earned PhDs. UCSD is known for its programs in social psychology, international relations, genetics, engineering, neuroscience, oceanography and behavior.

Rutgers – New Brunswick

Number of International Students: 3,797

Originally chartered as Queen’s College in 1766, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey is a public institute of higher education. It is the eight oldest institute of higher education in the US and is home to over 67,000 students. It has 5 sub-campuses that contain its 18 schools. The University has 20 computer labs, 22 libraries, 175 research centers and institutes, and numerous healthcare facilities, studios and other performance venues. It is home to 670 buildings on its vast 2700 acre venue. RU offers 100+ undergraduate majors and 220+ graduate degrees. International students represent approximately 105 countries at Rutgers.

University of Arizona

Number of International Students: 3,863

The University of Arizona was established in 1885 and is now recognized as a global leader in the world of higher education. It ranks at number 16 for employability of its graduates. It is also classified as a Carnegie Foundation RU/VH, which means that it has very high levels of research activity. The university has been a part of spacecraft missions and operates Peak National Observatory and other observatories. Notable alumni from the university include Linda Ronstadt, actor Greg Kinnear, Kristen Wiig and Nobel Prize winner Brian Schmidt.

John Hopkins University

Number of International Students: 3,889

John Hopkins University, named after its primary benefactor John Hopkins, was founded in 1876. It has been ranked at #1 place by the National Science Foundation for three decades.  88% families with incomes below $200k per annum receive JHU grants and $38,000 average need-based grant is awarded to freshmen. The university is home to 300+ clubs and organizations and has 50+ community service groups. Current faculty at the university includes an impressive lineup of 4 Nobel Laureates, 1 Pulitzer Prize, 51 American Academy of Arts and Science Fellows, 28 National Academy of Science Members and 61 Institute of Medicine Members.

North Carolina State University (NCSU)

Number of International Students: 3,906

Founded for the purpose of creating economic and intellectual prosperity for the people of North Carolina and the country, NCSU offers a wide array of courses in a large number of disciplines. This includes science, technology, math, humanities, social sciences, engineering, textiles and veterinary medicine. The university offers over 100 bachelor’s degrees, 100+ master’s degrees, 60+ doctoral degrees and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. It is home to a student body of approximately 34,000 pupils.

Iowa State University

Number of International Students: 3,988

Iowa State University takes pride in welcoming a huge student body from all over, including all 50 states and more than 100 countries. It offers approximately 100 majors for students to choose from and a staggering 800+ student societies to help students develop their social and leadership skills. It also offers 110+ master’s programs, 1 professional program in veterinary medicine and 80+ doctoral programs. ISU is home to over 90 centers and institutes and claims to have invented the world’s first electronic computer. Currently, it has the world’s highest resolution virtual reality lab, with 1.67M pixels per wall.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Number of International Students: 3,167

Starting as a scientific school in Boston under planning and supervision of William Barton Rogers, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has come a long way since. It has six schools and colleges including the Sloan School of Management, 35 programs and departments. The university has a long list of distinguished alumni including 31 Nobel Prize winners, 47 Rhode Scholars and 61 Marshall Scholars. Famous graduates from MIT include former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, physicist Richard Feynman and others. The founders of Intel, McDonnell Douglas, Qualcomm, Genetec and Dropbox have all come out of MIT.

SUNY Stony Brook University

Number of International Students: 4,122

Founded in 1957 as a State University in Oyster Bay on Long Island and later moved to Stony Brook in 1962, the Stony Brook University is a big name in the world of quality higher education. The university has 13 schools and colleges that offer a total of 68 majors and 80 minors. In addition, the faculty at Stony Brook is highly qualified with 98% of the instructors having either doctoral degrees or the highest degree in their relevant field. The faculty has a total of over 1,840 inventions and 500 US patents to their name.

University of Maryland – College Park

Number of International Students: 4,492

Founded as the Maryland Agricultural College in 1958, the University of Maryland College Park today has a huge student body and ranks high on various lists related to higher education. With over 14 schools and colleges, the University of Maryland is offering programs in a large number of areas. These include Accounting, Aerospace Engineering, Art History, Biophysics, Business, French, Geology, Women Studies and Theatre. Notable alumni include Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin and Emmy Award winning journalist Connie Chung, among many others.

Stanford University

Number of International Students: 4,535

Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, Stanford is one of the world’s leading names in higher education. It was founded in 1891 and since then, it has been providing high quality education to an ever-expanding student body. It is the largest adjoining campus in the United Stated with over 8,000 acres and 700 buildings. Stanford University is the most selective research university in the US, with the class of 2017 having an endowment of $18.7B. It has seven schools and colleges. Notable alumni and faculty include 58 Nobel Laureates, 17 astronauts and 30 living billionaires. Companies founded by alumni and faculty include Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo!, Nike and Google.

Illinois Institute of Technology

Number of International Students: 4,609

Illinois Institute of Technology is a private research university with a focus on technology related studies and research. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, science, architecture, design, applied technology, business and law. It was founded in 1940 and has since expanded into eight schools and colleges, six of which offer undergraduate programs. Notable alumni include three Nobel Laureates.  International students make up a significant part of the student body at IIT, with 59% of the graduate and 24% undergraduate students classified as international.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Number of International Students: 4,740

Founded in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology was built on the model of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Georgia Tech has 6 colleges including the Scheller College of Business. The university has more than 100 centers focused on interdisciplinary research that constantly make valued contributions to American government, industry and business. It was ranked as the 7th best public university, providing technology education to a student body of over 21,500. Georgia Tech is also strong on extra-curricular student activities, with over 400 student-run organizations.

Carnegie Mellon University

Number of International Students: 4,744

Carnegie Mellon University was founded in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie. It is considered the world leader in robotics and space sciences. It has 7 schools and colleges and is considered a frontrunner in the world of higher education. It is home to more than 13,200 students. CMU ranks high on various rankings across the world, including attaining No. 24 position for the 2014-2015 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Notable alumni include John Forbes Nash (Nobel Laureate and the subject of the movie A Beautiful Mind), David Tepper, James Gosling and the world renowned artist, Andy Warhol.

Cornell University

Number of International Students: 4,891

Cornell University is an Ivy League founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickinson White. It has 7 undergraduate schools and colleges, seven professional schools and offers professional degrees in medicine, law, business management and veterinary sciences. In addition, it also has nearly 100 academic departments offering more than 4,000 courses, 70 undergraduate majors, more than 90 minors in over 90 fields of study. Furthermore, Cornell University has various labs, institutes and centers for student development. The faculty at Cornell includes several Nobel Laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners.

University of Houston

Number of International Students: 4,901

The University of Houston is a research university that was founded in 1927. It is the third largest university in Texas and is home to over 42,700 students. UH has a huge campus that spans over 667 acres, in the southeast of Houston. The university offers more than 280 degrees through 12 academic colleges and spends nearly $130 million annually in research through its more than 40 research centers and institutes.  Notable alumni include Elizabeth Warren, Jim Parsons, Kenny Rogers and Lil’ Wayne.

Academy of Art University

Number of International Students: 5,081

The Academy of Art University was founded by Richard S. Stephens, a painter, in 1929. The university provides its students with the ideal exposure to the world of high end arts, holding over 70 student and alumni art shows and gallery exhibitions in San Francisco, each year. The university’s student body is diverse, representing students from over 112 countries. The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, has 17 housing facilities throughout San Francisco and 16 sports teams that actively participate in sports activities at all levels.

Harvard University

Number of International Students: 5,131

Named after its benefactor, John Harvard, Harvard University is a world renowned Ivy League school, which was founded in 1636. It is the oldest American university and ranks among the top universities of the world. It has the largest library containing 18.9M volumes, 10M photographs and 400M manuscripts. As of Fall 2012, international students at the university made up 11% of the undergraduate and 27% of the graduate and professional student population. The university offers more than $160M in financial aid to 60% of the undergraduate student body.

Texas A&M University

Number of International Students: 5,149

Founded in 1876 as the Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas, the Texas A&M University is the first institute of higher education in the state. It is ranked among the top ten universities in America in terms of enrollment. It is also one of the few universities with a presidential library. The university is home to 18 research institutes and 10 colleges. The university offers over 120 undergraduate and 240 graduate degree programs.

University of Texas, Dallas

Number of International Students: 5,193

Founded in 1969, UT Dallas ranks high on many lists. The Times Higher Education 2013 ranked it at number 15 on its list of top 100 young schools. Fortune magazine also made an honorable mention of the university claiming that 14 out of 20 most profitable companies recruit from UT Dallas. The university has seven schools and colleges with over 130 academic programs, both undergraduate and graduate. The student-faculty ratio is 21:1. The university has more than 50 centers, labs and research facilities. The student body here is also pretty diverse, with up to 20% of the students being international students.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Number of International Students: 5,291

Founded in 1838, the University of Wisconsin Madison has 20 colleges and schools that offer undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. As of 2009, the university has more than 130 undergrad majors, approximately 150 master’s programs and 120 doctoral degrees. The university encourages cultural diversity. It has an international student body that represents well over 100 countries. UW-Madison is classified as an RU/VH Research University in the Carnegie Classification, meaning that it has very high research activity.

Houston Community College

Number of International Students: 5,333

The Houston Community College System is a vast network of colleges spread over nine Texas cities. Eight colleges are currently a part of HCCS.  In 1992, it was restructured into a multi-college system. The system now comprises of two sub-colleges and over 15 campuses. It has a wide diversity of international students and offers various online programs.

University of Texas – Austin (UT Austin)

Number of International Students: 5,481

Founded in 1883, the University of Texas, Austin is now among the top five universities with the ‘largest single-campus enrollment’ across the United States. It is classified as a Public Ivy school. The university has 17 colleges and schools offering more than 3,500 graduate degrees and over 8,700 undergraduate programs in a total of 170 fields of study and 100 majors. The university is home to a diverse student body, which enjoys 1,100 registered student organizations. As of Fall 2012, 10% of the entire student body at the University of Texas, Austin made up of international students.

University of California – Berkeley

Number of International Students: 5,632

Founded in 1869 in Oakland as the University of California, UC Berkeley was eventually moved to Berkeley in 1870. This university has a lot of honors to its name. As of 2011, the Berkeley Lab holds a world record in discovering 16 chemical elements, the most of any university worldwide. J. Robert Oppenheimer, a Berkeley physicist was the scientific director of the Manhattan Project (responsible for developing the first atomic bomb). In addition, Berkeley’s faculty, alumni and researchers have collectively won 72 Nobel Prizes and numerous other awards. Notable alumni include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Google Executive Eric Schmidt.

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)

Number of International Students: 5,751

UPenn is an Ivy League school founded by Benjamin Franklin, somewhere around 1740-1749. UPenn is considered among the top five research universities and has a number of findings to its name, including the “first general purpose electronic computer (ENIAC), the Rubella and Hepatitis B vaccines.” It has 12 schools and colleges, including the renowned Wharton School of Business. All 12 of these schools offer grad programs. As of 2011, the student body had more than 11% international students. UPenn has at least nine faculty members or alumni who have won Nobel Prizes over a ten-year period.

SUNY at Buffalo

Number of International Students: 5,804

SUNY Buffalo was founded in 1846 by Millard Fillmore (the 13th president of the United States). It was initially founded as a private college. Also known as University at Buffalo (UB), it is the largest among the SUNY system and itself has several campuses in Amherst and Buffalo. The university has 13 schools and colleges offering more than 100 undergrad degrees and approximately 300 grad and professional programs. Notable alumni include one US President (Millard Fillmore), several Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel laureates, Rhodes Scholars and many others. The total degrees awarded in 2012-13 were 7,457.

University of Florida (UF)

Number of International Students: 5,961

Founded in 1853, University of Florida is the oldest university in Florida. It has been classified among the Public Ivy colleges since 2001. The university has 16 colleges that offer professional graduate programs in a wide array of disciplines, including business administration, law, engineering, dentistry and veterinary medicine. UF offers a total of more than 120 master’s degrees and 70+ doctoral degree programs. The university claims to be home to more than 150 institutes and research centers. Famous alumni include various Nobel Prize winners, diplomats and US politicians, musicians, actors and athletes.

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (U of M)

Number of International Students: 6,178

The University of Minnesota was founded in 1851 and is located in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The University has 19 colleges and schools with sister campuses in Crookston, Duluth, Rochester and Morris. It offers more than 140 undergraduate and 150 graduate programs and is home to over 200 centers and institutes. The university’s alumni have been associated with several inventions. The university has a diverse set of students from different parts of the world with over 6,000 international students.

Ohio State University

Number of International Students: 6,478

Ohio State University was founded in 1870 and is considered one of the top five largest campuses in the US.  The university has 22 schools and colleges offering almost 12,000 courses. There is a huge variety of majors for students to choose from, including 200 undergraduate majors, 250 masters, doctoral and professional degrees. The university’s network is spread far and wide – it has 4 regional campuses, 1 R&D center, 1 tech institute, and extension offices in 88 counties in Ohio.

University of Washington

Number of International Students: 6,491

Located in Seattle, the University of Washington was founded in 1861, with campuses in Bothell and Tacoma. The university is known for its research-intensive curriculum. Approximately 280 startups have been launched via research from University of Washington’s 300 specialized research centers. The university has 16 colleges and schools that offer more than 1,800 undergraduate courses every quarter and award more than 12,000 degrees every year. Notable alumni include 7 Marshall Scholars, 35 Rhodes Scholars and 136 Fulbright scholars.

Indiana University – Bloomington

Number of International Students: 6,547

Started in 1820 as the State Seminary, IU Bloomington is famous for being the fourth university in the United States to admit female students on an equal basis, with Sarah Parke Morrison being the first woman student. IU Bloomington has 14 schools and colleges, including the Maurer School of Law, Kelley School of Business, and Jacobs School of Music. It is also home to students from as many as 165 countries.

Boston University

Number of International Students: 6,615

Founded in 1839, Boston University was originally affiliated with the United Methodist Church. It is classified among Boston’s largest employers and is a RU/VH high activity research university according to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning. The campus has a large number of facilities including  2,000 labs, 16 schools and colleges (spread over 2 campuses) and offers 250+ fields of study. It also has nearly 100 study-abroad programs in 36 cities and 23 countries. The student to faculty ratio is highly favorable at 12.7:1. Notable alumni include seven Nobel Prize winners, including the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and Elie Weisel. In addition, the university has produced 35 Pulitzer Prize winners, along with 6 Academy, Tony and Emmy Award winners.

Arizona State University

Number of International Students: 6,645

Founded in 1885, Arizona State University is considered to be a research intensive university with research spending going up to $385M in the 2012 fiscal year. Currently, the university has 15 colleges, schools and institutes including the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and W.P. Carey School of Business. ASU offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs and has a vast and diverse student body. Notable alumni include 2 Nobel Prize winners, 127 Fulbright Scholars, 6 Pulitzer Prize winners and 27 National Academy winners.

Penn State University – University Park

Number of International Students: 6,693

Founded in 1855 with the help of a $50 million gift from the chocolate magnate, Milton S. Hershey, Penn State University has made quite a name for itself in the realm of higher education. It was established as a college of medicine and a teaching hospital, which now provides care to more than a million patients every year. The university has 24 campuses and approximately 100k students. It has 18 schools and colleges that offer more than 160 bachelors majors, graduate and professional degrees. Penn State has a strong online presence as well with a World Campus that offers identical degrees to on-campus and off-campus students.

Michigan State University

Number of International Students: 6,759

Founded as the first land-grant institution in 1885, Michigan State University served as the prototype for other land-grant universities all over the US.  The university now has a huge campus, sprawling over 5,200 acres with 2,100 acres of existing or planned development. MSU is considered to be a Public Ivy and has 3 campuses, including one in Dubai. It has 19 colleges that offer 200 programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional degree levels. Notable alumni include various US senators and ambassadors, several billionaires and Pulitzer Prize winners.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Number of International Students: 6,827

Founded in 1817 in Detroit, the University of Michigan eventually moved to Ann Arbor in 1837. It is the oldest university in the state of Michigan and has satellite campuses in Dearborn and Flint. The university has 19 schools and colleges which offer different undergraduate programs. In addition to that, it also offers a variety of graduate and professional degree programs. UMich has a long list of notable alumni, including 26 Rhodes Scholars, 19 billionaires including Google co-founder Larry Page, playwright Arthur Miller and journalist Mike Wallace. Madonna and Iggy Pop were also students at this university.

Northeastern University

Number of International Students: 7,705

Founded in 1898, the Northeastern University is an environmentally-friendly institution. It is a founding member of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment and was cited by the Green Metric Ranking of World Universities as America’s Greenest College in 2012. It has a total of 9 schools and colleges and a vast variety of courses from various disciplines. Its co-op program managed to place 8K students with approximately 3,000 employers in the 2012-13 session. The university has seen a tremendous increase in the number of international students enrollment with a nearly 447% increase in their numbers between Fall 2006 and Fall 2013.

University of California – Los Angeles

Number of International Students: 8,424

The University of California was founded in 1882, whereas the UCLA campus that we see today was first established in 1919. The university is considered a Public Ivy and is the third oldest campus of the University of California system. As of Fall 2014, UCLA was the most applied-to university all across the United States, with more than 105k applications. UCLA has 5 undergraduate colleges and seven professional schools. The list of notable alumni and faculty for UCLA is fairly long, with 15 Nobel Prize winners, 12 Rhodes Scholars, 3 Turing Award winners and athletes who have competed in every Olympics since 1932.

Columbia University

Number of International Students: 8,797

Founded in 1754, Columbia University is New York State’s oldest higher learning institution. It is classified as an Ivy League school. It currently has 20 schools and colleges. The university has Columbia Global Centers in Beijing, Istanbul, Paris, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Amman, Santiago and Nairobi. Notable alumni include 43 Nobel laureates, 20 billionaires (including Warren Buffet), nine Supreme Court judges and 28 Academy Award Winners.

New York University

Number of International Students: 9,362

NYU was founded in 1831 by Mordecai Manuel Noah and Albert Gallatin and is considered to be among the world’s oldest research universities. It is also one of the largest non-profit institutions of higher education in the United States.  NYU has 20 schools, institutes and colleges and also has campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. According to the College Board, NYU is particularly famous among international students. Among its notable alumni and faculty members are 36 Nobel Prize winners, 30 Academy Award winners and 16 Pulitzer Prize holders.

Purdue University

Number of International Students: 9,509

Founded in 1869, Purdue University is a six-campus system of colleges that was established with a $150K donation from businessman John Purdue, along with other land and financial donations. The university has 10 schools and colleges and offers more than 200 undergraduate majors, over 70 masters and doctoral degree programs along with professional degrees in veterinary medicine and pharmacy. Purdue was the first university to offer a four-year bachelor’s program in aviation and was also the first university with an airport.  Distinguished alumni include 13 Nobel Prize winners and 23 astronauts, including Neil Armstrong.

University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign (UIUC)

Number of International Students: 9,804

Founded in 1867 as the Illinois Industrial University, UIUC is a public Ivy League school. It is also considered a RU/VH high activity research university. UIUC is among the few universities, along with Purdue University, to have its own airport – the Willard Airport, used for the university’s Institute of Aviation research projects. UIUC has 17 schools, colleges and institutes, including the Institute of Aviation. Notable alumni and faculty members include 25 Nobel laureates, 22 Pulitzer Prize holders and several astronauts and Olympic medalists. The university is home to a diverse student body, with students coming in from a large number of countries across the globe.

University of Southern California

Number of International Students: 9,840

Founded in 1880, due to land and cash donations from Ozro Childs, John Gately Downey and Isaias W. Hellman, the University of Southern California is the oldest private research university in California. It has 21 schools and colleges. In the academic year 2012-13, USC had a student enrollment of 40,000. It offers a huge variety in terms of disciplines, with nearly 250 majors and minors, including professional degree programs. Its School of Cinematic Arts is particularly famous since it is the oldest and largest film school in the United States, offering six programs. USC has the highest number of Olympic medals to its name as compared to any other university worldwide as of 2012.

Various notable publications factor in the presence of international students on campus while ranking a university. Therefore, having a significant international student population is considered a plus by many colleges and universities.  The ability to offer students an atmosphere that is culturally diverse and open to ideas from all over the world makes an educational institute exceptional. These 50 US universities have made a good name for themselves by providing a nourishing and positive environment for these students to study and grow in.

Note: International students’ enrollment figures have been taken from IIE (Institute of International Education) Open Doors report data on International Education Exchange including the 2012-13 academic year for all institutions listed in the above ranking. Keep in mind the IIE data might not match the updated figures available on each university’s website or their corresponding Wikipedia pages.